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Fanfic: Tooru/Yuujiro

Title: Drowning in Blue
Pairing: Tooru/Yuujiro
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Summary: Drabble about their first kiss.

Yuujiro was blindsided the first time Tooru threw back his head and began to laugh so hard that he heard the deep, rich baritone of the man Tooru would become.

As the blonde silently watched him, he bit his lower lip, enchanted by the light which played off the hues of Tooru’s hair.

Surrounding the two young boys were the ruffles of each others dresses. Tooru’s blue dress rippled this way and that and Yuujiro watched as it slid through the folds of his own yellow dress. It was as if the two different fabrics were engaged in their own dance that Yuujiro encouraged by crossing and re-crossing his legs.

He bumped his shoulder with Tooru as the young man’s laughter dissipated.

“Thank god, you’re a princess too,” Tooru said as he leaned into the blonde and placed his head on the other boy’s shoulder. “I don’t think I could laugh at this crazy situation if you weren’t.”

Yuujiro's voice was lost, he used all his presence of mind to comprehend Tooru’s laughter and the effect it had over him.

He didn’t know when it happened, but the blue eyed boy bewitched him. All he knew for sure was he had to be there, right there, when Tooru laughed again.

The color blue was all around him, and when Tooru sighed with his cheek warming Yuujiro’s shoulder, he knew what it felt like to drown.

The weight lifted off his shoulder and he looked down in surprise.

“You okay, Yuujiro?” the boy asked, his eyes filled with concern. “You haven’t said anything in awhile.”

The blonde felt the other boy’s warm breath against his face and closed his eyes.

“Kiss me,” he pleaded; because he knew between the two of them, Tooru was the braver one.

He heard a gasp, but no one pulled away.

He waited a moment, and even with his eyes closed, all he could see was blue. When warm lips met his, he swan in the cloudless afternoon skies and could taste spring on the boy’s shy probing tongue.

A/N: Not happy with this but wanted to quickly write a drabble for this fandom

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