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RP ad!

Hello there, Puri Puri comm! I'm actually wondering if anybody is interested in roleplaying Kiriya Matsuoka from Princess Princess+ 'cause I'm going to send Tomoe to a game and would love to have a Kiri. I'm interested in an LJ-based game but I haven't settled on where I'd like to place him so if anybody is interested, I'm willing to go to about any game if you have one in mind. I know CFUD has a PuriPuri cast but that game is a little too fast for me. I don't know. If you're interested in playing any Puri Puri characters, let me know because I'd love to have canonmates! ♥


Teddy Bear

Title: Teddy Bear
Author: kianaaaaa
Rating: PG
Pairing: Tohru/Yuujirou
Warnings: Shounen-ai.
Disclaimer: Princess Princess belongs to its creator, not me.
Summary: It's almost Yuujirou's birthday, again.
Author's Note: Inspired by the theme "teddy bear; doll".

( Teddy Bear )